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Ocoya UI Element
Ocoya UI Element

Content creation

Easily design eye-popping images surrounding your product or service. Use our editor or Canva to personalise your images.

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Ocoya Posts Hashtag

Hashtags through AI

Our AI analyses your image to generate the most relevant hashtags that are trending to gain you optimum traction.

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Ocoya Ads Caption

Descriptive captions

Captions are also personalised to your image. Generate captions to most effectively sell your product or service.

Ocoya UI Element
Ocoya UI Element

Precise Analytics

Look at the advanced KPIs important for marketers formulated by Ocoya. We'll also provide you with suggestions to optimise.

Ocoya UI Element
Ocoya UI Element

Main social media platforms

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin - we've partnered with them all. All your social media profiles in one place.

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Ocoya Posts Calendar

Schedule for when you like

Don't want to post right now? Ocoya will suggest posting times optimal for maximising your traction.

Ocoya UI Element
Ocoya UI Element

Ad copies with AI

Create ad visuals and let our AI generate ad copies to boost interest. Our AI analyses what is best for your brand and provides a selection to best reach your goal.

Ocoya UI Element
Ocoya UI Element

Workspaces for many accounts

Manage all the social media of your clients in one place. Seamlessly switch between workspaces and generate content specific to each client.

Users On Platform
Images Published
Hashtags Generated

Insights no one else has

Ocoya UI Element
Ocoya UI Element

Best-selling products

Get insights into what products you post about attract the most people. We will provide insights into what describes your brand using storytelling quotes.

Ocoya Posts Hashtag

Best-selling hashtags

We measure your hashtags' success and determine the best-selling ones that work. Moving forward you will have guaranteed success with your branded hashtags.

Ocoya UI Element

Best time to post

By analysing your customers' behaviours, we are able to measure when is the best time for you to post, and maximise the traction from your audience.

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Marketing funnel KPIs


Our CPM model checks how many people your advertising piece has left an impression on.


We measure the price you pay for each click in your PPC marketing campaigns.


Insights into number of clicks you receive on ads or posts per number of impressions.


Analytics into call-to-action prompts to get your audience to do something specific.


Social share of voice of how well your brand performs against the competitors.


Engagement rate is typically measured in likes, reactions, comments, shares.


How many times your content was displayed, regardless of it being clicked on?


Want to know how many people interacted with your posts? We can help you!


Measurements and improvements on a MoM (month-over-month) basis.


We also measure the number of times users have seen your posts or ads.


The average number of favourites or likes your posts receive on social media.


How many spokespeople are there for your brand and micro-influencers of your industry.


How likely are your posts or ads to become viral? Yes, we measure that one too!


How many people liked your posts or ads and expressed interest moving further.


How many people follow your page and are likely to be your most loyal customers.


How many people broadcasted your content to their connections or groups.

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