The Ocoya
30% Affiliate Program

Earn 30% recurring commission from your referrals.
Incentivise your referrals with 20% off automatically applied at checkout.

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Perfected for dropshipping

Dropshippers, online shops, niche stores - virtually anyone can use it.
Simply connect your store and select the product you would like to advertise.

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See all your products in one place and decide which one you want to advertise today.

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Our AI analyses your products to determine the most-fitting announcements for your posts.

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Once you've posted on your social media, analyse the performance of your campaigns against the KPIs.



It’s super simple to join!

Just one approval to join the best marketing solution team around.



Promote via your referral link

Share why you use Ocoya with your audience or customers.



30% commission per sale

Earn a lifetime recurring commission. Including renewals too!

What’s Ocoya's Partner Program?

Our partnership programme is a results-driven engagement between us and our partners. Ocoya's Partners attract new consumers to our platform in return for recurring revenue from subscription payments.

How much can you get paid?


They order:

You earn:

1 Referral

1 monthly Gold Subscription

€40 / month

1 Referral

1 monthly Diamond Subscription

€180 / month

2 Referrals

2 monthly Gold Subscriptions

€77 / month

2 Referrals

2 monthly Diamond Subscriptions

€360 / month

4 Referrals

4 yearly Gold Subscriptions

€120 / month

4 Referrals

2 yearly Gold Subscriptions
2 yearly Diamond Subscriptions

€330 / month

5 Referrals

5 monthly Diamond Subscriptions

€900 / month

Who can become our Partner?

All marketing agencies, bloggers, influencers, social media celebrities, consultants, and other marketing professionals are invited. Your experience in the industry will undoubtedly aid you in convincing your audience to use Ocoya's content marketing solution.

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