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A platform to ease your grunt work and drive traction.
Graphics Creation
, Scheduling and Analytics - all in one place.

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Create images, GIFS or apply templates for your graphics in a matter of seconds.



Publish your social posts at best times to maximise outreach for your audience.



Analyse performance and get suggestions to optimise traction.



Visually plan and overview your campaigns to grow your audience.

Increase your social media conversions by 60%

Our platform saves you time and automates your social media campaign processes to maximise performance.

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We help with designing eye-popping images surrounding your product.

Texts, Generated


Captions, hashtags and ad copies generated through our AI to optimise outreach.

Audiences, Split-Tested


Optimise ad campaigns by running contrasting ads for different audiences.

Performance, Actioned


All your relevant KPIs and traction in one place with improvement suggestions.

Thousands of templates, images or GIFS

Easily keep your social media profiles engaging with our professional-looking graphics you can generate in seconds. Social media will be aligned with your brand thanks to AI.

Integrated with:

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Trending hashtags & captions

Easily generate ad copies, product announcements, quotes, trending hashtags to keep up with the current trends. All generated by scanning your images!

Product announcements
Quotes or slogans
Trending hashtags
Generate your own copies

Automatic scheduling across channels

We've partnered with all the major social media networks so you can schedule your posts any time you want. Plan your marketing campaigns efficiently in no time!

Supported Channels:

Supported Channels
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Ocoya Posts Paint


Produce a creative in seconds. Select from thousands of stunning pictures and templates. For ecommerce, simply connect your store and import your products.

Ocoya Posts Hashtag


Generate hashtags and captions specific to your campaign to optimise traction. Choose from an unlimited number of captions we generate specific to your product or service.

Ocoya Posts Calendar


Send out your posts simultaneously to all your favorite social platforms. You can also schedule them and we will analyse the performance and suggest optimum times!

Ocoya Posts Analytics


Keep track of the important KPIs so you can keep on top of your campaigns. Importantly, we present you with automatic suggestions to improve further on.


Editor & Templates

Use our in-house editor filled with 10,000+ templates for you to choose from and use in your social campaigns.

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Social Integrations

Integrate & organize multiple social accounts and manage their connectivity with a click of a button.

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Multiple Accounts

Publish your social posts at best times to maximise outreach for your audience.

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Our ecommerce dedicated marketing platform removes the hassle of creating social content. Import your inventory and get a promotional campaign up and running in minutes.

Desktop Ecommerce

Maximising Conversions

Easily track of your most important KPIs to determine your conversion cycle. Perform retargeting to secure those potential customers who have already shown interest.

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Images & GIFS

We have partnered with multiple content providers to help you search for content quickly & easily, especially when you provide services and sell no material products.

Do you know your killer hashtags? Or when to post? Well, we do.

Our marketing platform saves you time and automates your social media campaign processes to maximise performance through all the major social media platforms. It also provides you with the analysis on how well your brand performs, and prepares actionable suggestions moving further.

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Perfected for dropshipping

Dropshippers, online shops, niche stores - virtually anyone can use it.
Simply connect your store and select the product you would like to advertise.

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See all your products in one place and decide which one you want to advertise today.

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Our AI analyses your products to determine the most-fitting announcements for your posts.

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Once you've posted on your social media, analyse the performance of your campaigns against the KPIs.

Partners & Integrations

Yes, we've partnered with all the major platforms across social media, design and ecommerce sectors.

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Facebook Marketing PartnersLinkedIn Marketing Partners

Our Business Partners

We have partnered with marketing experts, investors and advisors from Italy, United Kingdom, Israel and the U.S.

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We're leaders in our craft!

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