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We bring together everything from content creation to analytics required to convert from
your regular social media posts or ad campaigns.

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Do you know your best-selling hashtags? Or best times to post? Well, we do.

Our platform helps you with creating content for ad campaigns and regular posts through all the major social media platforms. Then, we beat our competition by providing you with the deepest analysis there is on the market on how well your brand performs, and prepare actionable suggestions moving further.

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Increase your social media conversions by 60%

We're also great at content!
Our platform replaces your social media manager and automates both your social media presence and advertising campaign processes to maximise conversions.

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We help with designing eye-popping images surrounding your product.

Texts, Generated


Captions, hashtags and ad copies generated through our AI to optimise outreach.

Audiences, Split-Tested


Optimise ad campaigns by running contrasting ads for different audiences.

Performance, Actioned


All your relevant KPIs and traction in one place with improvement suggestions.

Leaders in our craft!

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Start Creating

Ocoya’s insightful and easy-to-use ad management platform

One of our killer features is ads automation. Avoid the hassle of navigating other ad platforms through our simple 5-step process and get a campaign up and running in minutes. Maximise your conversions by split-testing your audiences and Ocoya will perform automatic retargeting to secure potential customers.

Start Creating Ads
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How the ads platform works

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Design a campaign

Follow our easy 5-step setup to determine your goal for the campaign. Let Ocoya set the right budget for you and determine the optimum audience. Use our simple editor to generate professional content.

Ocoya Ads Caption

Generate your ad copies

Create ad visuals and let our AI generate ad copies that optimise traction. Our AI analyses what is best for your brand and provides a selection to best reach your goal.

Ocoya Ads A/B Testing

Split-test audiences

Don't make the usual mistake of targeting wide audiences that overlap. Ocoya will do A/B testing of the campaign on different demographics. It will then automatically prioritise those specific campaigns to the best-performing audiences.

Ocoya Ads Search

Get actionable insights

Ocoya provides you with the important KPIs so you can keep on top of your campaigns. Clearly see what is working best in terms of conversions. Finally, we provide you with suggestions to improve your campaign.

Ocoya Posts PC Clean

Or use our automated platform for regular posts

Easily keep your social media profiles engaging with our professional-looking posts you can generate in minutes. We've partnered with all major social media networks so you can schedule your posts any time you want. Get insights into what works best for your audience. Social media presence will be automated thanks to AI.

Creatives that align with your brand
Hashtags & captions generated for you
Post or schedule automatically
Industry-leading KPIs
Start Creating Posts

How the posts platform works

Ocoya Posts Paint

Design your creatives

Produce a creative in seconds. Select from thousands of stunning pictures and professional templates. For ecommerce, simply connect your store and import your product images. Edit the design with our easy-to-use editor.

Ocoya Posts Hashtag

Create hashtags and captions

Let our AI generate captions and hashtags specific to your campaign to optimise traction. Choose from an unlimited number of eye-catching captions we have generated specific to your product or service.

Ocoya Posts Calendar

Schedule your posts

Send out your posts simultaneously to all your favourite social media platforms. You can also set a time of day you would like the posts to be released. We will also analyse the performance of your posts and suggests optimums times!

Ocoya Posts Analytics

Analyse the suggestions

Simply publish your campaign and watch the results flow in. We provide you with the important KPIs so you can keep on top of your campaign. Importantly, we provide you with suggestions to improve your campaign.

Our Tech Partners

Yes, we have partnered with all the major platforms across social media and ecommerce sectors.

Facebook Marketing PartnersInstagram PartnerTwitter Marketing PartnersLinkedIn Marketing Partners
Facebook Marketing PartnersOcoya Partners HootsuiteOcoya Partners BufferLinkedIn Marketing Partners

Our Business Partners

We have investors and advisors from Italy, United Kingdom, Israel and the U.S.

Startup Wise Guys Partner

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