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Don't bother spending hours trying to perfect flawless copy, just ask Travis instead! It can help generate effective text for your marketing in seconds. Simply provide a simple description and Travis will do the rest!

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High converting copy in seconds

Provide a simple description and let Travis do the rest. In a few seconds our AI will write memorable copy that will increase your conversion and ultimately ROI.


For all your marketing needs

Want Travis to write you an ad? Travis can do that. Post a caption? Sorted in seconds. How about blogs, emails or even YouTube video ideas? Travis has got you covered!


Tailored to each social platform

Specify whether ad is for Google, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok or Snapchat. Travis will write the ad specifically for that platform.

Some examples

"Ocoya is an all-in-one content marketing platform for content creation, scheduling and analytics"

Google Ads

"Headline 1: All-in-one content marketing management
Headline 2: Manage multiple social media accounts
Headline 3: One dashboard, all your content
Description 1: Quickly monitor, reply, share, schedule, and post across all your social apps and profiles.
Description 2: Automate everything from one place. Get real-time insights on your business."


"Before: You are always looking for content ideas and new ways to engage your audience. After some time, you find yourself getting stuck in the same loops on social media.
After: Want to save time? Create better content? Engage with your audience better?
Bridge: Introducing Ocoya - a powerful all in one tool for content marketing that provides content automation, scheduling and analytics."


"I've tried every single content marketing platform out there and none of them can compare to Ocoya. This all-in-one platform lets you create, schedule, and analyze your social media posts from one place. It's like Hootsuite on steroids! Ocoya is going to save me hours and hours of time and deliver better results. I highly recommend this platform to anyone with a social media presence."


"Attention: Ocoya is a tool that lets you create content, share it across multiple social media platforms, schedule it, analyze it.
Reduces the time you spend on social media and lets you focus on other areas of your business.
Desire: It also helps you grow your business, as it allows you to get traffic from multiple social platforms.
Action: Sign up here https://www.ocoya.net/"


"Get the perfect look for your brand, all in one content marketing platform."

Blog Ideas

"3 Tips for Creating Irresistible Headlines: A blog about creating irresistible headlines."

Site Headline

"Reach Millions of People with one Content Marketing Platform."

Tweet Ideas

"Ask people to share the most under-appreciated social media channel they use."

YouTube Ideas

"How To Get Your First 500+ Fans and Followers for your Instagram Account: do a live interview with an expert on how a brand can get more followers on Instagram."

Facebook Ads

"Ocoya is a powerful, feature-rich content marketing tool for content creators. Why spend hours making graphics when you can spend seconds?"


"Ocoya is the first platform to offer complete content marketing management in one place. You can manage your entire marketing presence on one single, easy to use platform."


"It is a content marketing platform that automates content creation, scheduling and analytics across multiple social networks."

Transform Into a Copy God with GodMode!

Tell Travis what to write for anything you can imagine - blogs, stories, emails, language translations, project ideas, product names - the list goes on. You will be amazed at what Travis God Mode can do!

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How Travis AI writes your Copy


Choose your Task

Whether it's Ad Copy, Captions, Blogs, Emails, Website Content - Travis does it all. Select the task that is best for you.


Describe your copy

Be as vague or specific as you like, Travis will adapt accordingly. You can also try describing the tone or target market for an Ad.


Generate text

Sit back and watch Travis AI do the work for you in seconds. You can generate unlimited copy to find the right result for you..

What else can Travis do?


Website Headlines

For your website, app store listing or sales email.


Product Descriptions

The best words to describe your rocketship brand or product.


Google Ad Copy

Because there is no such thing as enough ad variations


Tweet Ideas

That engage your amazing followers to retweet.


Post Captions

For your next Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn post.

Check list

Blog Ideas

As creative as your product and brand.


Ecommerce Description

AI-crafted for every single one of your store products.


Facebook Ad Copy

Optimised for your webpage to get you the maximum visibility.


BAB Copywriting

Before-After-Bridge Copywriting, enabling you to write more proficiently

Check list

Blog Conclusion

That leaves your audience wanting more.

Check list

Blog Outline

To expand upon your fantastic blog topic.

Check list

Blog Intro

To introduce your informational blog topic.


PAS Copywriting

Pain-Agitate-Solution Copywriting, enabling you to write more proficiently.


Value Proposition

To help you answer your potential customers - "why us".


Engaging Social Posts

Creative and witty one liners to engage with your audience.

Check list

Blog Heading Expander

That turns your blog heading into a paragraph.


Feature to Benefit

To help you sell a good night's sleep instead of a bed.


Website Sub-Headline

For your website, landing page, sales email or app listing.


YouTube Description

That ranks on search engine and informs your audience.


Product Reviews

To help you write amazing reviews for the brands you love.


YouTube Video Ideas

That your audience will love and also ranks on search engine.


Compelling Bullet Points

That can go on your website, email, pitch deck, and more.


Content Rewriter

That magically improves your existing content.


Amazon Descriptions

Descriptions for your products, that pulls your customer instantly.


Content Expander

That understands you and finishes your sentences.


Engaging Questions

That your audience would love to know and answer.


Quora Answers

Informative answers to your questions.

speech bubble

Customer Response

That helps you respond to every customer review, good or bad.


AIDA Copywriting

Attention-Interest-Desire-Action Copywriting, to help capture attention.


Personal Bio

That puts the spotlight on you.

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