Let Travis write your Marketing Ads

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Ocoya UI Element

High converting ad copy in seconds

Describe your ad and let Travis do the rest. In a few seconds our AI will write memorable ad copy that will increase your conversion and ultimately ROI.

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Tailored to each social platform

Specify whether ad is for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok or Snapchat. Travis will write the ad specifically for that platform.

Specified to your target market

Beyond the simple description, you can choose the tone, target viewers and/or occasion of the ad. Providing these specifics will improve your ad further.

Hello, I'm Travis - your ad copy assistant

Don't bother spending hours a week trying to perfect flawless copy, just ask me instead! I can help generate effective text for your ads in seconds. Simply describe the ad and I will do the rest!

Start Writing with Travis

How Travis AI ™ writes your copy

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Choose your platform

Choose which social media chaannel you want your ad for or simply select all.


Specify your target market

Describe your target demographic by age, gender, geography and/or interests.


Describe your advert

Write a few lines simply describing what the advert is about.


Generate AI content

Sit back and watch Travis AI ™ do the work for you. You can generate unlimited copy.

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