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through social media

If you provide a service, it's a struggle to post on social media with no actual products being sold.
Here, you can manage your social media - from content generation to customer engagement.

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Automate your social media engagement

Generate content on Ocoya for your business using thousands of our professional images. Use our AI caption and hashtag generator to successfully sell your offering. Navigate social media advertising seamlessly through the Ocoya platform, optimising results at every turn.

Increase social media conversions by 50%

Create professional-looking content in minutes.
In-depth analytics will provide you with suggestions on how to improve.

Content for your business

Choose from from our database of thousands of professional images or funny gifs to drive engagement.

Brand storytelling

Use Ocoya's smart AI to generate captions to clearly explain and promote your brand by storytelling.

Hashtags to promote it

It will analyse your business and provide you with relevant and trending hashtags to boost your engagement.

KPIs designed for you

Ocoya tailors the relevant KPIs to specific industries, so you can easily see how your campaigns are performing.

Our insightful and convenient content generation platform for social media

Our automated platform removes the hassle of creating ads & posts for you, especially when you provide services and sell no material products. We have partnered with multiple content providers to help you search for content easily. Maximise your conversions by split-testing your audiences and Ocoya can help perform automatic retargeting to secure those potential customers who have already shown interest.

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Optimised to your business


Pick creatives

Select from our database of thousands professional images for any topic you can think of. You can also use Canva as your editor.


Generate text

Let Ocoya's AI generate captions to optimally sell your service and auto-generate trendy hashtags to maximise traction.



Send your posts or adverts out to all your favourite social media platforms for whatever time you like. We will also advise you on the best times.


Action insights

We provide you with the important KPIs. Importantly, we help you stay on top with suggestions to improve your campaign.

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