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Manage all the social media of your clients in one place.
Seamlessly switch between workspaces and generate professional content in minutes.

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Saving you time and resources

Manage all your clients' social media for each of their profiles in one place on our Client Dashboard. Seamlessly design images, create relevant text and generate trending hashtags in minutes. Long gone are the days spending many hours a week creating content. Turn your focus to social media strategy and let Ocoya do the boring work.

Save 90% of the time to create and publish content

Create professional looking posts for your clients in minutes. In-depth analytics will provide you with suggestions on how to improve.

Your clients in one place

Connect every clients' social media profiles and seamlessly switch between accounts on our Workspace Dashboard.

Quick content creation

Stop wasting your time designing content. Generate professional images in minutes. Let Ocoya suggest optimal hashtags and captions, specific to each client.

KPIs dedicated to each client

See what performance matters for each client. Ocoya tailors the relevant KPIs to specific industries, so you can easily see how your campaigns are performing.

Ecommerce offering

Connect your ecommerce clients', stores to our platform and seamlessly switch between them depending on what product you want to advertise today.

Our multi-channel social media platform for agencies

Manage all your clients' ad campaigns in one place. Our platform for ads & regular posts removes the hassle of creating adverts, through our simple 5-step process. Get a promotional campaign up and running in minutes. Maximise clients' conversions by split-testing audiences and Ocoya will perform automatic retargeting to secure those potential customers who have already shown interest.

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How the platform works


Select your workspace

Easily integrate you clients' social media into our platform (or let us do that for you!). Seamlessly switch between account on our client dashboard.


Connect your clients' socials

Choose which client you want to create a campaign for and which socials you want it to reach out to. You can easily manage each clients' social accounts.


Create multiple content

Let our AI generate ad copies, captions and hashtags specific to your campaign to optimise traction. Simply generate your campaign and watch the results flow in.


Publish on their accounts

We provide you with the important KPIs so you can keep on top of your campaign. Importantly, we provide you with suggestions to improve your campaign.

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